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Adversity is a call to action, and your freedom lies in taking the first step. Don’t worry about the entire staircase just take one step and then tomorrow take another. We are here to help!

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Assessment Meeting (Phone or in-person)

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Develop an action plan

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Get referrals to the correct and adequate resources

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Follow-up a week after the process has started to make sure you are on track

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What we do

Our Services

Denver Human Services

  • SNAP food assistance
  • TANF cash assistance
  • Medicaid & Medicare
  • LEAP low-income energy assistance
  • Child support service
  • CCAP Child Care Assistance Program
  • Veteran services
  • Adult Protective Services
  • Child Welfare Services
  • Rental assistant resources

3 After School Programs

  • Little Divas ages 10-13
  • Club Diva ages 14-18, and
  • Kings on the Rise ages 12-18

The purpose of these programs are to address the academic, emotional and social challenges experienced by young female and males growing up in underprivileged, urban communities. The program is designed to provide structure, discipline, emotional counseling, academic tutoring, mentoring, healing, and redirection services.

Resume & and cover letter assistance

Educational and Job training resources

Annual Community outreach services

  • Community School Supply Give away
  • Family Thanksgiving Dinner Assistance
  • Community Christmas Party/Toy give away
  • Adopt a Family Christmas

E.M.P.O.W.E.R. Program

E.M.P.O.W.E.R. is a program that focuses on Young women and single young mothers ages 20 and up. All 4 programs are 6 weeks long that will engage and develop their sense of self worth, self awareness, and provide a healthy platform for positive release of trauma and victimization.


The program structure is designed to provide family support counseling, emotional development, behavior modification, character skills, sexual health education, leadership skills, and conflict resolution strategies to empower them with good judgment. Our goal through Thelma’s Dream is to lead EVERYONE to a pathway of self sufficiency.

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