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As a formerly homeless single mother of 3, Doretta promised when she was able, she would help others get what she desired out of life, to raise a family and have a quality life. She quickly realized that most people weren’t compassionate towards her when she began looking for the resources she needed to escape homelessness.

Thelma’s Dream was founded on the idea that showing compassion and love with no judgement can help those who are willing turn their lives around. We will meet you where you are and help you over the adversity you face in turning your life around. We will work as hard as we can to provide the resources you need for success


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What Drives Us

Our Mission

Our Mission at Thelma’s Dream is Empowering our underserved communities out of the darkness of poverty with compassion, and leading them to a pathway of success.

Our vision is to provide compassionate Community outreach and superior support services to the at risk & disadvantaged minority communities in the near northeast area Denver area. Our commitment is to strive for excellence in our commitment to support and empower all of our clients by focusing individually on each clients needs.

Thelma’s Dream

Thelma L Sidberry is a pioneer in the City of Denver. She gave of her time, energy, and money to help men and women transition from prison back to a normal life. Her love for young people and her community and her willingness to give above and beyond inspired those around her. Including our founder, her daughter, Doretta.

A Letter From Our Founder

“You must never be fearful about what you’re doing when it’s right.” Rosa Parks

My name is Doretta Tootle!
I am the Executive Director and founder of Thelma’s dream. My Passion and my heart is for our youth, working with families and just meeting people where they are with compassion and love.

In 2013, as a single mother of 3 young men ages 11, 12 and 13 and homeless, I felt hopeless as I had the weight of the world on my shoulders. I dealt with judgement from others, my dignity was compromised, and I felt like I wanted to give up. When you’re dealing with something like that where your dignity is compromised The first thing you need is direction. There were many resources that were available, however, some of those resources from agency’s don’t always make you feel like you’re worthy, or provide adequate resources.

Many times, I would visit those resources and would leave feeling horrible because my car was loaded down with all of our belongings and knowing that I had put my last three dollars in my gas tank.

And those resources make you wait for a solution. You get on the waiting list; you wait for that phone call; you constantly check emails and or wait for mail of approval. It was so frustrating and I spent many sleepless nights dreaming of a way to escape.

I would look at my boys everyday and at some point I told myself I just couldn’t give up knowing that I had to make the right decision for my children. My boys couldn’t articulate what was going on but they knew that this just wasn’t what life should be. Through that year after so many disappointments, tons of frustration and tears I pushed through and eventually heard back from the Salvation Army in finding an apartment, helping with a job, and I as well enrolled in school to finish my degree program.

Today I can say that I honestly didn’t think life would ever look up but it did and my experiences have created a passion for youth, empowering them to love who they are and how they are made, to help struggling families, and the overall well being of the communities. I promised myself that when I got on my feet that I would give back to my community through Love, moral support with no judgement, meeting people where they are and providing all viable Resources.

I want to encourage anyone that is struggling in this life. Please understand that struggle and adversity will always come but remember Your Struggles Don’t Define You — But How You Deal with Them Does.

In closing I will leave you with this quote.

“This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” – Winston Churchill


Our Board

Nina Quinones

Nina moved to Denver, Co in May of 2013 and where she met Doretta Tootle. And soon after meeting she started her volunteer career with Ms. Tootle to be a support in any way she needs. Nina currently works for the City of Englewood and is now on a committee to assist those facing homelessness.

Joshua Ford

Josh delights in mentoring and empowering young people. He connects with youth by sharing inspirational stories, speaking at conferences and authoring result-driven books. His works span a range of topics, from personal development to leadership, violence prevention, and finding success.

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